Benefits of Café Juquila

portadaCoffee is an stimulant beverage that delays numbness because of the presence of caffeine. Caffeine is an stimulant drug that its target is central nervous system and here is where its smooth and magic effect in our body. Next we will show some actions of the caffeine in our body.

  • Lungs

    pulmonesCaffeine provoques expansion of the bronchus, therefore contributes to the control of the asthmatic crisis.


  • Cancer and Coffee

    Cancer and Coffee.- Coffee has shown the possession of an protective effect against colon cancer. A recent study which compile information from other 17 studies on cancer cafecoffee consumption and colon cancer, elaborated from 1960 to 1990, Show as results that the risk of getting this decease decrease 24 % on persons which consume four coffee cups every day compare to those who don’t, or rarely, drink any coffee. The most reliable explanation to this effect is the fact: if a person consumes more coffee have more colon activity. This provoke that the components that lay on the coffee and caffeine avoid mutation and inhibits the effect of several microorganisms which lead to cancer. Upon the several kinds of cancer, the colon one rates the second place of cause of death in the United States. A total of 130,000 people are diagnose every year with colon cancer, 90% of them are above 50 years old.


  • Antioxidants

    antioxidantesScientific research has proved that coffee contains 400% antioxidant properties (polipenol) than green tea. It has been thought that antioxidants posses a protector effect. Antioxidants may prevent, delay o limitate some cardiovascular sicknesses, cancer, skin aging, Alzheimer, Parkinson and some other degenerative diseases.


  • Intestins

    intertinost stimulates the well known peristalsis, which is small movements that the digestive tract produces, therefore, helps to decrease the possibilities of suffering colon cancer.


  • Pancreas

    pancreasCoffee rises the external secretion of the pancreas.


  • Kidneys

    rinonesCaffeine rises the diuresis.


  • Muscles

    atletismoEffects depend on every single person and the physical activity developed. Caffeine stimulates central nervous system, increases thoughness and delays the tiredness feeling. Eases activities that require a complex coordination as machines and vehicles.


  • Liver

    higadoCoffee stimulates some enzymatic activities, helping the effects of some sort medications.


  • Heart

    corazonIf the person has no medical restrictions of not drinking coffee, caffeine improves the blood irrigation in the coronaries. It is healthy to drink up to 4 cups of coffee during the day.


  • Brain

    cerebroCaffeine has a vasoconstrictor action in the blood circulation. Extends awakeness and depresses the tiredness sensation. At the same time provoques a feeling of euphoria and wellness, helping to the mental and muscular development. It’s helpful with some non intense headaches. It’s used in therapies as a psicostimulant. Lately has been used as a treatment with hyperactive children.


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